Benefits of reading are numerous. Some of them are related to knowledge enrichment, introduction to different worlds, entertainment and catharsis. There are a lot of publishers on the market who propose a wide range of books, styles and categories.
In recent years, one of the leading publishing houses in Bulgaria has become New Media Group (Mr Svetoslav Kantardjiev). Its latest book Spetsnaz Alpha – My Destiny by Gennady Zaitsev is described as a phenomenon by the literature critics. The author was a special guest on the presentation event in The Central Military Club in Sofia. The reader can find stories, memories and real facts associated with the Team Alpha. The main aim of the Russian team is to combat terrorism, especially the release of hostages. The book itself is absolutely meaningful, not just as history but also as content.
It is written in autobiographical manner and contains more than 550 pages. In addition, there are numerous photos and even complicated military terms the issue is accessible because of the good translation. The price is reasonable for an ecyclopedia of Russin special parts.
Enjoy it! In my view, it is one of the most interesting books ever, showing reality in Russian military, manifesting history!
Thank you, Mr Svetoslav Kantardjiev!

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